Native Products was presented in Adhocracy Athens, an exhibition that highlights makers’ achievements who are guided by the will to change the system through altering the way they make things themselves. Adhocracy is a creative, flexible, purposeful philosophy of action that uses available systems in unimagined ways to face existing problems quickly and efficiently.

Native Products was part of the DIY/DIWO* category, where the presented projects focused on creating and sharing the “common” knowledge through the channels of open source culture.

During the course of the exhibition a Native Product workshop was also held followed by an open discussion on alternative means of production as well as a visual brainstorming on the different typologies & scenarios that the material could be used. The data collected will be used to further develop the material and research its specific properties.

Adhocracy Athens Exhibition, 29 April – 5 July 2015, Onassis Cultural Centre


*From Do it Yourself to Do it With Others

Adhocracy: Athens

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