D.I.Y. | Whoʼs the designer is a visual essay of the subliminal collective creative conscience showcased through a series of spontaneous, D.I.Y. objects, created by non- design professionals, who at a lack of resources, creatively subvert existing objects to solve problems and overcome design weaknesses.

This series of images examine how people make use of available materials, their properties and their unexpected combinations to “design” new objects. The photos portray these objects in their natural setting providing an unusual perspective of the day-to-day life in different geographies around the world. These snapshots project humour, irony, emotion and semiological references to the spectator and are open solutions up for grabs for anyone to adapt.

The project has been exhibited in metamatic:taf, Santorini Biennale of Arts 2012, p_public 2013 festival and featured on Critical Contemporary Culture.

DIY | Who’s the designer?

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