Papairlines have been invited to take part in Nordes 2015 conference under the theme “Design Ecologies: Challenging Anthropocentrism in  the Design of sustainable futures”. The conference is a biannual initiative hosted by Konstfack University, one of the most prestigious colleges of Arts, Crafts and Design in Sweden.

For Nordes 2015 papairlines focused on how the Native Products Workshop process and outcomes challenge the core ideas of the conference. The participants where asked to contribute to the workshop with a small herb and were also encouraged to collect discarded garden flora from the surroundings of Konstfack University.

The results and conclusions from the workshop were open to discussion and critique to the participants as well as the rest of the conference attendees.

Native Products Nordes 2015 Edition enabled us to contribute on the debate of production ethics and discuss means of social empowerment through sustainable homegrown design alternatives.

Nordes 2015

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