Open Call “DIY: Who’s the Designer?”


“DIY: Who’s the Designer?” is a photographic ethnography project depicting DIY objects designed by ordinary people around Greece. The project focuses on how people take on restrictions (such as budget, resources and time) and use their spontaneous creativity to hack existing objects in order to solve problems.

Since the project has been already featured in exhibitions and presentations in the past, papairlines have decided to organise an open call inviting everyone to share their own photographs from such objects from around Greece, so we could celebrate popular culture and human ingenuity.


What are we after?



  • Of DIY objects that depict the above in their natural setting – not in a studio environment
  • The object in question should be clear and easy to spot in the photo
  • That are your own to use and that you have in high resolution


Descriptions and information about the above objects including:

  •   Materials used 
  •   What is the use of this object and/or what was the intention of the creator
  •   How successful is this object considering the use which it was intended for
  •   When and where was the photo taken



Ideally, our aim is to create a publication. Digital to begin with, it will include the collected photographs and object stories, using humour to expose the readers to intuitive creativity, DIY and showcase interesting, if not, ingenious applications and solutions by “anonymous designers”.


How to submit

  • Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and make sure you tag @papairlines and use both #DIY and #WhosTheDesigner hashtags or
  • Send us an email at [email protected] using “Open Call #DYI Who’s The Designer” in the subject line


Initially the photos will be used in social media, with all necessary credits. In case your photograph is selected for the publication we will be in touch with more information.


New Deadline 

22 March 2021


We look forward to receiving your photos!


Vasso, Costas, Loukas



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